Draping and clothing:  Massage usually includes working on the body directly and you will have privacy to remove whatever outer clothing you choose. I always use professional draping for warmth and comfort. Private areas of the body are always kept covered during massage.

Pressure:  Sometimes during massage you may feel some tenderness, especially if you have a current injury or pain, but the massage pressure should always feel comfortable enough for you to relax and enjoy your session. Please let me know what you prefer.  

Oils/Lotions: I use the highest quality, unscented, professional massage lotions and oils. Please inform me about possible irritants or allergens. If you prefer, I will wrap your hair to keep your hair free of oils and lotions.

Table Linen:  I use natural fabric, 100% cotton for safe and comfort of your massage session.  

Payment: Cash, Persona Check, and Major credit cards ( Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American excess)